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Event Marketing

Email Blast

  • An easy-to-use tool which enables you to blast bulk emails with just a click!

  • Suitable for bulk email marketing.

  • Integrated with our other software which enables email automation.

SMS Blast

  • An effective way to reach and communicate with your potentials/customers.

  • Personalised SMS can be created to address your customers email automation.

  • Integrated with our other software which enables SMS automation.

Website Based Application

  • An internet-enabled app where users can access easily via any device web browser – laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.

  • Need not to download any app onto users’ mobile devices.

  • Changes can be made easily anytime and reflected in real-time.

Website Development

  • The simplest most user-friendly way to create your website.

  • Content management system that is fully controlled by you with no coding knowledge needed.

  • Various templates are availabe and you can use any preferred design for your website.

Event Registration

Online Ticketing

  • Simplify event ticketing purchase for your event.

  • Real-time report of tickets statuses.

  • Safe, faster, customisable for your event.

  • Integrated with payment gateway. E.g. PayPal, BillPlz, FPX and etc.

QR Code Check-in

  • Visitors/Attendees can perform self-check-in with our QR Code Check-In System.

  • The most effective registration method which are quick and easy, no more long queues at the registration counter.

  • Can be implemented on different platform like registration counter.

Online Registration

  • A go green registration method which eliminates the manual way of registering your guests/visitors.

  • A user-friendly interface for your staff to manage onsite registration or for your guests/visitors to register themselves that can be customized to your needs.

  • A hassle-free visitation experience through our check-in system or kiosk.

Registration Form

  • Pre-event registration form can be customised in web based or webapp format.

  • A complete report with pre-registered database can be generated from the system for your marketing & promotional planning purposes.

  • A dashboard with a comprehensive statistic and analysis report which is autogenerated and can be easily accesses.

Digital Table Seating

  • All data can be updated real-time and changes can be made easily and stored.

  • Enable you to access an attendee status report at anytime to ensure smooth planning for the event.

  • Attendee knows their table seating number and can interact with your stuff such as selecting the meal preference through the systems.

  • Suitable for dinner reception, meetings, conferences, corporate functions, etc.

Event Product

Advance Turnstiles

  • Leveling up your event management in the security factor with advance turnstile system which is integrated with QR Code Reading.

  • Comes with entrance tracking of headcount feature which makes your event attendance report much accurate and informative.

Mobile Registration Kiosk

  • Forget about pre-printing visitors/attendees badge for event admission.

  • Printing of event admission pass is now much easier and simpler with mobile registration kiosk.

  • Visitors/Attendees just have to scan their personalised QR code and their badge/pass will be automatically printed in seconds.

  • If vistors/attendees have yet to register, fret not! Registration can be done straight way at the mobile registration kiosk tool.

Event Analytics

Digital Campaign Analytics Tool​

  • The easiest way to generate a comprehensive digital marketing report with just a few clicks.

  • Added with feature of URL shorten link for web-URL management.

  • A powerful tool that enable user to integrate few digital platform analysis into one report.

Heatmap Analytics

  • Heatmap is a useful tool to track and create a summary of your visitors/attendees activities(hotspot).

  • The heatmap is able to capture the number of visitors/attendees from any point within the event including specific locations where they stopped and how much time they spent.

  • The report is fast and easy to understand at a glance id visitors/attendees have yet to register, fret not. Registration can be done straight away at the mobile registration kiosk tool.

Digital Entrance Tracking

  • A monitoring system with motion detection technology that tracks your entrance and exit count with inbuilt data analytics.

  • Eliminates the task of performing a manual head count and report tabulation.

  • Generate event traffic report in real time.

Event User Experience


  • Both AR and VR are able to create a unique leading edge technology experience for your visitors/attendees.

  • By integrating these technologies with your company products/services, you will be able to plan your event in a fun and interactive way and at the same time be more cost effective!

Interactive Projection

  • Can be projected on any solid surface and interacts with users.

  • Suitable for products/services which needed unique interactive experience.

Projection Mapping

  • A projection technology used to turn objects often irregularly shaped into a display surface for video production with 3D effect.

  • Suitable to use on product/services launching, often used to impress your guess by creating a unique visual experience.

Audience Interaction

  • Beats the traditional method of providing microphone to the floor and having audience to ask question out loud.

  • Create interactive audience engagement.

  • Review and analyze the data from the responses in real-time.

  • Interact with audience through Q&A live pool, photo upload, comments, etc.

  • Suitable for seminars, meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.

Event Space

meGO Events

  • An event space located at Setia Alam that can accomodate up to 150 people.

  • Sound system, whiteboard, projector, and other relevant equipments you can think of are provided.

  • Food catering is also included (light food, western food, local food, vegetarian, etc.)
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